Presentation of SWHK 6 team, Affashion


What is Affashion?

We call ourselves Netflix for fashion. Netflix is famous for recommendation on movies, while Affashion aims to be famous for recommendation on apparel. We have a great team of 3 at Affashion – Andy Lam, Bosco Lam and Ronald Kwok, who cover technology development and business operations. We met in the Startup Weekend Hong Kong and during the 54 hours in the weekend, we formed Affashion. We share the same value that fashion can be delivered in an innovative and intelligent way. By giving personalized recommendations, allowing style mix and match and suggesting apparel size, Affashion aims to provide our customer a customized online fashion shopping experience. First, tell us a few preferences of yours, we will completely understand your need and recommend items that you would be interested in. These personalized recommendations are definitely what you are looking for. Moreover, you can do style mix & match on our platform before checkout, just like what you do in a brick-and-mortar store. Nevertheless, we would suggest the fittest size for our customers on all apparel after they type in few major body measurements. This certainly boosts the confidence to people who rarely go shopping online and enhances the overall experience to those who did it before.

How was the progress after SWHK?

Our team is passionate on the idea and would like to realize it, however, we are still in the prototyping stage. We joined many programmes to gain exposure after SWHK. To name but a few:

Google EYE (Empowering Young Entrepreneurs) Program, a mentorship program organized by Google and the Chinese University of Hong Kong to boost entrepreneurship in Hong Kong.

Entrepreneur Day, organized by Hong Kong Trade and Development Council in early May in Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). Affashion was one of the five finalists in the pitching event.

Asian Business Angel Forum (“ABAF”), the Asia’s largest premier angel investor gathering and conference for emerging and growing businesses in the innovation and technology industries, which was held in HKCEC in Mid May. Affashion was the 2nd runner up in its pitching session.

Apart from joining pitching events, we treasure the mentorship and networks in relevant fields. Hence, we actively seek for advisors to bridge us to the community. So we now have three professors, who specialize in integrative fashion study, startup design and machine learning respectively.

What are some of the difficulties we’ve faced?

Validation. This is the most difficult part to truly understand what exactly our targeted customers need. There is no strict rule on how to create a questionnaire. Even they tell you it’s a good idea, they may not use it at the end. 

Support. The startup culture is weak in Hong Kong due to the risk aversion and education that young people receive. We couldn’t see much support from some universities. What they care about is always the employment rate of graduates; the same case applies to the government, they give out their resources by subsidizing your rent. However, what startup values most is not just an office.

Affashion is looking for…

We are simply looking for angel investors in big data, machine learning, fashion, E-commerce, advisors & coaches, network in fashion industry & fashion lovers. Come to us if you are also passionate about this idea! Let’s create the latest era of shopping!

Netflix for fashion

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