Presentation of Social Slides


Are you familiar with the concept of Lean Customer Development?

If your answer is yes, we can tell you that after discussing with teachers and lecturers from universities here in Hong Kong, one of their biggest problem is to know what the students think during classes!

The way information are currently shared is one way, only from the teachers to their students. Because of large audience, short amount of time and limited resources, it is very difficult to hear what the students have to say.


“Do you understand my point?”

“Would you like another example?”

“Are you ready for the final Quizz?”

“Have you done your homework?”

“Is my class entertaining enough?”

“What are the countries that border Austria?”


So many questions that Social Slides helps to answer.


This is what we do:

We transform the classroom monologue into a constant exchange of ideas, thoughts, questions and answers. Through our universal online platform, we enable teachers to ask what they want to know and we let students share what needs to be.

The result is a class more engaged and more successful as a result.



– How it started and why you decided to join RISE @ CoCoon;


Social Slides started during one of the Startup Weekend in Hong Kong under another name. Since then, the team collapsed but one of the co-founder decided to give it another try with two new great partners.


Social Slides had a working prototype very early on and we got strong interests from many people. Unfortunately, we ran into the usual startup problem of wanting to develop many features or upgrade the user interface to compensate our bad customer development.


RISE @ CoCoon was offering the perfect framework to kick us “out of the building” and start from the basics – a.k.a talking with customers, writing the business model canvas and going lean!

Lots of concepts we were aware off but had difficulties to apply on a day to day basis.



– What is the most valuable lesson;


RISE @ CoCoon and the thoughtful mentors pushed us to work on a clear framework of actions to perform our Lean Customer Development.

We are now confident enough to go talk to our customers and iterate or pivot accordingly. This valuable set of lessons is helping us to gain a lot of time to grow Social Slides.


As a team, we were well aware of the Lean Startup and other books to create startups. RISE @ CoCoon helped to change theories and strategies into concrete actions and real life execution.



– Who would benefit from attending the next sessions and why?

Young startup teams that are willing to know more about their most important stakeholders -> customers.



Social Slides is currently under Alpha development but you can try our service for free. Sign up here